Zawieszenie gwintowane ST – Ford Focus RS

Fichtenberg (Germany), September 28th 2016 – Adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts, dampers that are adjustable with 16 clicks in rebound and racing springs is what characterizes the ST XTA coilover suspension for the new Ford Focus RS (DYB). The 350-hp „compact sports car” with four-wheel drive can be lowered by up to 55 mm within the part certificate with the ST XTA coilover kit from KW automotive made in Germany. With the ST suspension that was developed in cooperation with the rally driver Ken Block, the Focus RS steers more direct and almost craves for curves. It is supported by the supplied Unibal top mounts made of aluminum for the front axle. Alternatively, ST suspensions also has progressive lowering springs in program, and in addition also various ST DZX wheel spacers ( are available for a track widening of 10 to 30 mm per axle. Find out more

Just recently, the Ford Focus RS is available for the first time with all-wheel drive and the 350 hp compact sports car captured the hearts of sports car fans worldwide. As one of the first providers, ST suspensions offers an extensive range of suspension components. Highlight of the ST suspensions program for the Ford Focus RS that was developed in collaboration with the Ford rally driver Ken Block, is the ST XTA coilover kit. Compared to regular sport suspensions and coilovers, the ST suspension manufactured at KW automotive in Germany, allows to adjust the dampers in just a few simple steps. So the damping forces can be adjusted more comfortable or tighter with just a few hand grips.

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The adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts for the front axle are included in the delivery. By changing the camber angle, the tires get an optimum contact area when cornering. Ideal for drivers who want to get the maximum performance for their Ford Focus RS but miss the opportunity of a camber adjustment at their series RS. The times when a coilover kit was always harder than a conventional suspension kit, are long gone. By using shorter damper housings, the spring travel of a coilover suspension for the exclusive road use may be even up to one centimeter longer than a standard suspension. So despite the lowering, enough comfort remains in everyday life.

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ST wheel spacers

With the ST DZX wheel spacers (, it is quick and easily possible to widen the track of the Ford Focus RS. The spacers are available in 5 mm, 12,5 mm and 15 mm, and allow to widen the axles on each side by 10 – 30 mm. Due to the conically shaped ST adapter, a perfect wheel centering is guaranteed. So an imbalance can be avoided due to the spacers. The adapters made from a polyamide composite material furthermore prevent the occurrence of corrosion on the wheel hub and the rim. In addition, the unsprung weight is reduced by the significant weight reduction. This avoids vibrations on the steering wheel. The DZX spacers are mounted with the innovative ST shaft nuts. Therefore no complicated reconstruction work on the wheel hub is necessary anymore, as it would be the case with conventional wheel spacers.