Niemiecka inżynieria dla maksymalnej przyjemności z jazdy Hondą S2000

Fichtenberg (Germany), July 6th 2016 – The Honda S2000 excites enthusiasts like no other roadster from Japan. Trademarks of the Honda that was built from 1999 to 2009 were its stiff chassis, short shift paths, an ability to rev up to 9000 RPM and 241 or 247 hp strong two-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. Starting now, ST suspensions, a brand of KW automotive GmbH, has two coilover kits available: the ST X and ST XTA with adjustable top mounts and high-performance dampers. Both coilovers allow a maximum lowering of 55 mm within the approved range of the part certificate. ST coilovers are manufactured in Germany and also ST wheel spacers are available.

The Honda S2000, with its high-revving VTEC four-cylinder engines, is one of the most fascinating vehicles from Japan. Now, the ST coilovers, manufactured in OEM quality, are available for all S2000’s, including the local versions (Type S, GT, Club Racer and facelift models), as well as the versions with 2,2-liter four-cylinder (F22C1). For Honda S2000 drivers who want to get the full potential out of their sporty roadster, ST suspensions has developed the ST XTA coilovers with Aluminum Unibal top mounts. It is the ideal performance tool for the road. With the damper technology utilized, it is easy to adjust the ST XTA dampers on request to make the ride more sporty or more comfortable. A Honda S2000 equipped with an ST suspensions coilover kit takes every curve more direct and holds firmly to the road. Bumps and typical transverse joints for bridges are damped easily by the ST suspensions kit.

The old stigma of a coilover being uncomfortable no longer holds true with the high quality ST coilovers. Often times it may be true that the suspension travel can even be longer than the stock suspension when the vehicle is lowered 30 mm with the ST suspensions kit. This leaves enough travel for proper suspension articulation which allows for more driving comfort. The coilover kit provides a tested lowering of 55 mm. The continuously adjustable range covered by the approval certificate is between 25 and 55 mm for both the ST X & ST XTA coilover kits.

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ST wheel spacers also developed for the Honda S2000

By request, the performance of the ST coilovers for the Honda S2000 may further be increased by the installation of ST wheel spacers (bolt circle 5×114,3). The ST DZX wheel spacers with multi hole circle bores enable you to widen the track per wheel in 2.5mm-steps from 5 to 25 mm. With the ST AZX wheel spacers, a wider track of 25 to 35 mm can be reached in 5mm steps. Mounting note: the Honda S2000 has different hub centerings at the front and rear axle.

ST_SpVb-DZX_Image_040Honda_S2000_ST_XTA kopia


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